Catalyst Controller Entry Model

This one is now on pre-order! Check the video for a preview of what it can do! Some extra pictures after the break.

Front view:

Angle view:

Side view:

Display view:

If you are interested you can pre-order the entry model now at

Introducing: Catalyst Controller

Introducing: Catalyst Controller. The next step in Melodic Turntablism.

Catalyst Controller is the combined name for a suite of DJ-Gear solutions and add-ons for Turntablists, DJs and Musicians. In its core it will be available in these 3 forms:

  • Prebuilt units which are plug and play (as in the video)
  • Separate components like d.i.y. kits and custom firmware
  • Custom builds based on user needs
What does it do?

  • Catalyst controller’s biggest feature is the ability to control hardware as well as software (VST) Synths with tools familiar to turntablists: vinyl and x-fader movement
  • No samples. The actual sound can be manipulated and notes can be played giving the most natural sounding and flexible ’turntable’ instrument to date
  • It can play chords too (full feature spec will be available soon)

The video shows the first prototype which consists of 2 elements: a control panel (which can be placed on top of your mixer or next to it) and a x-fader housing. The firmware is based on MNF Pro mkii firmware with tons of extras. It is compatible with most MNF units, albeit in a limited fashion due to the extra controls in Catalyst.

Pre-orders will start at end of February! Pricing tba.

Create. Control. Catalyze.

2017 will be an exciting year for turntablists, DJs and musicians. From the creators of the MIDI Note Fader, a production ready version of the fretless fader concept (invented by John Beez), and a pioneer in Syntablism comes the Catalyst Controller.

We want you to get more out of your turntablist gear. Use Serato or Traktor? Use our hardware to easily add more MIDI controls to your own creations. Have a MIDI turntable? Use our MIDI Note Fader technology to get more control. Find cue points and samples too limiting? Use your vinyl to directly control our Syntablism VST and create new sounds on the fly!

This. And more.

Visit the Catalyst Controller page for more information.

Rane TTM56 MNF mod

It’s been a busy end of the year for us here at Skratchamental. Something noteworthy is this MIDI Note Fader mod we did in a Rane TTM56.

We kept all other mixer features intact. Upfaders were moved slightly outwards and down, and the LED indicators were sunken into the mixer so the crossfader can travel above it.

To top it off we made a custom lasercut faceplate so the whole mod looks the part.

Want to do your own mod, or get one just like this? Visit us at the shop and ask about the details

We got loads of great ideas for the new year and to celebrate we are giving 10% off on all products in the shop, just use code CTLST2017 when you check out!

MIDI Note Fader Pro mkII now available!

We have today launched MIDI Note Fader Pro mkII!

Check the specs here:

We added a bunch of features for easier usage (change MIDI channel, transpose etc.). Key thing is the DVS software x-fader option. If you have e.g. Traktor it enables to use the x-fader to control the software’s internal x-fader, or other controls.

We improved our production process, we are now using lasercut tops for a slicker look.

Let us know what you think!

MNF Pro mkii

MIDI Note Fader Pro mod in a Vestax PMC06

We have done quite some work on the modding front again, we are more active on Facebook so join the MIDI Note Fader group there if you want to know all about the latest!

We are close to releasing MIDI Note Fader v2, which will have additional features to make your controller wishes come true 🙂

A few weeks ago we did the world’s first Pro mod into a beautiful black Vestax PMC06. This is what it turned out like:

DJ Brace - 2016 DMC Online Final set using MIDI Note Fader

DJ Brace has built his own modded Vestax 06 driven by the MIDI Note Fader blueprint and Control Panel Software. In close collaboration we have customized the software to meet his needs and have the Rane 62 control some of the parameters… here is the result of his hard work and efforts for his 2016 DMC Online final set:

This is the MIDI Note Fader control panel software that users get with a MNF unit bought in our shop and that Brace is also using:

MNF Control Panel

Want to learn more about the MIDI Note Fader and how you can build your own, get a customized unit, or where to buy a pre-built standalone unit? All the info you need is at our shop

Start. Making. Music. Now.

No MIDI Turntable? No problem!

I know a lot of people out there do not have a MIDI turntable, but would love to use a MIDI Note Fader in their DJ and turntablist repertoire. The most common ones are the Vestax Controller one and PDX 3000. As Vestax is out of business these turntables are not being manufactured anymore and are hard to come by. However, using the MNF without a MIDI turntable is now a reality.

It is compatible with both Traktor Scratch Pro and Serato DJ 1.9 and up with Pitch n Time extension.

Use discount code MNFTRAKTOR to claim your no MIDI turntable discount! Get yours and start making music now here:

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MIDI Note Fader update

It has been quiet for a while on the updates, I have moved most of the action towards Facebook – find me and friend me there! In the meanwhile, progress on the MIDI Note Fader has not stopped, on the contrary.

Introducing MIDI Note Fader Pro
A fully standalone unit capable of handling all your MIDI Note Fader and fretless fader wishes 🙂

MIDI Note Fader Pro

MIDI Note Fader Pro

The original MIDI Note Fader in a fully standalone unit, driven by proprietary onboard software. With integrated display and controls.

– 13 scales to choose from
– reverse switch
– visual indicator of MIDI note being sent out
– output up to 2 octaves

Drop in your x-fader, choose a scale and start hitting notes!

How does it work?
This product is intended to be used with another mixer (main mixer), e.g. a Z2 or a Vestax 05. You use the x-fader of your main mixer and drop it into the MNF standalone. A 4-pin x-fader extension wire is included and needs to be connected to your main mixer’s x-fader lead.

Scale selection, reverse option and the actual ‘MIDI Note’ vertical movement are being done in the standalone unit. All other controls (gain, EQ, master etc.) remain with your main mixer.

Connect a MIDI male-to-male cable from the unit to your turntable to control the turntable. A USB MIDI hub can also be used to control e.g. a VST in a similar manner.

The Standalone unit is powered by USB (either from PC/laptop or e.g. a cell-phone wall-charger). The USB cable for power is included, a wall-charger and a MIDI cable are not.

Click here to read more and visit the shop of the MIDI Note Fader!

Midi Note Fader Mod introduction

Let me start of with stating that the idea of controlling pitch of the turntable by vertical motion is not new. In fact, JohnBeez introduced the Fretless Fader a couple of years back already. There are also other initiatives under the notion of Syntablism where timecode vinyl is used to control a synth or vst on a PC.

However, none of these ideas have been commercialized (yet?) so when Backtrack introduced the Midi Mod for the Vestax PDX 2000 about a year ago, I decided to create my own Midi Note Fader Mod.

Midi notes and pitch
Pitch control is one thing, another is to actually hit the right notes with the pitch. The good old SL1200s can hit 6 notes, 3 in 33rpm and 3 in 45 rpm, and obviously you could do this with the pitch-fader on the turntable itself. Now for one, the 8% pitch in the Technics is limiting the creativity in that. Second, hitting the exact pitches by hand (fretless) is quite difficult.

In order to overcome both of these issues there have been attempts of manufacturers to introduce turntables with wider pitch range (e.g. Vestax’s ultrapitch) and providing turntables with Midi control. This will allow you to, for example, play notes on a midi-keyboard and the turntable will change pitch accordingly to hit the right notes.

Two hands
Provided you have the right turntable with midi-in and a keyboard, you can play some tunes if you have a tone on one of your records. One big issue with this is that you only have two hands which I’d rather have on my vinyl and on my x-fader. In my opinion Vestax had a good try to fix this by introducing the Controler One turntable which included all kinds of buttons ‘close-by’ your vinyl-hand. But honestly, they go for USD 3000 second hand and that’s a bit of a stretch for me.

Introducing the Midi Note Fader Mod
As I mentioned above it is now possible to mod the PDX2000 and PDX2000MKII Vestax turntables so that they will receive Midi-in for the Ultra pitch. As the PDX2000 turntables are used by a lot of turntablists, this can solve at least one problem for a lot of us, including me :).

The Midi Note Fader mod also solves the second issue. It will enhance your setup with these capabilities:
– Vertical movement of the X-fader translates into Midi Notes
– Midi Notes are received by the turntable which will alter pitch in relative mode
– The range of the vertical fader movement can cover multiple octaves if needed, but the PDX Midi Mod cannot, it allows you to do C3 – G4. This is why the vertical fader movement is scaled to fit that range
– Pushing the X-fader down on the rail changes sample bank in Traktor which allows you to e.g. increase your Note range by using 2 samples which are one octave apart or to have 2 different sounds

How does it work?
More info on the turntable midi mod can be found here The mixer modification and the software that sends out the midi notes and other midi messages (like switching sample banks, effects in Traktor, and even changing note-scales on the fly) have been custom built by me for this mod. I am currently still exploring if this is the best solution for the mod, and how I will share this with the public.

Beta version
The Mod is still a beta version, and if you would like to attempt it be prepared that it will require some cutting of your equipment 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me for any questions.